Love Today ~

How can I not share this?

The song is just so meaningful and beautiful. Judith Hill’s voice is just as mesmerizing too.

Don’t forget to love today, and each of coming days ahead.

Have a great week, Angel ~

Music by : Judith Hill | Love Today

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Don’t give up!

Introducing Derek Anthony Redmond. His story is truly heart warming and inspiring!

He is best remembered for his performance at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona where he tore his hamstring in the 400 metres semi-final but fought through the pain and, with
assistance from his father, managed to complete a full lap of the track as the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

I promise his story will touch your heart. Don’t forget to share and spread the message of Hope and Love, angels.

“We’ll finish together.” -Jim Redmond-


Source by : Connie Lynne

Music by : Josh Groban | You raised me up

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6 tips to own your day

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We struggle each minute to make our day count. In between, there will be a moment when we doubt ourselves and lost the track from our daily mission.

Follow these 6 simple tips with powerful quotes to guide you own your day.

Wake up early
“The world belongs to those who wake up early- up to the minute while others do not wake up either”
-Jules Renard-

Set your alarm. When you wake up early, you will have more time in getting closer to achieve your goals. More tasks can be strike off your to do list. Know your body when it is time to rest. An early, well rested night definitely helps your productivity and creativity throughout the day.

Plan your day
“Never begin your day until it is finished on paper”
-Jim Rohn-

Plan, plan, plan. List down at least 3 major task for you to complete by the end of the day. Based on your listed tasks, time yourself in each of the task. Be realistic too. Different task may need a longer time due to the need of extensive work and research than the other task you have in hand.

“Working hard is important but there is something that matters even more..Believing in yourself”
-Harry Potter-

It’s a miracle seeing how the power of attraction works itself out. A simple note telling yourself to believe in yourself does wonder to each task that you’re working on. You may surprise yourself in discovering more skill and talent.

“The only person you should try to better than, is the person you were yesterday”

Give yourself the chance to improve. Pick up new skills or learn ways to be more efficient with the task in hand. Your self confidence will grow and you’ll amaze yourself with the result.

“Gratitude is the open door to the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe”
-Deepak Chopra-

Be thankful in any situation you are in. Be it when even days are dark and tough. Life give so meaning when we are thankful. When you invite gratitude, you kept your mind set to be in a positive thinking. Being more grateful more often makes us happier and more optimistic.

Photo by Errol Mury

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Catching Kayla…

Such a remarkable story of Kayla Montgomery.

How one girl’s story could inspire you beyond measurement. Despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), she has become one of the best young distance runners in the country.

Why she do it? Her answer? It is as simple as it get. It’s amazing.

“It makes me happy, it makes me feel normal and whole..”

“As long as I am running, everything is fine…”

Get your tissues ready..

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No mountain is too high or impossible to climb.

Everyone needs a reminder now and then…and Stevie never fails to be just that!

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my final piece

“my final piece

We’re born into the world
As just one small piece to the puzzle
That makes up an entire life.
It’s up to us throughout our years,
to find all of our pieces that fit.
The pieces that connect who we are
To who we were
To who we’ll one day be.
Sometimes pieces will almost fit.
They’ll feel right.
We’ll carry them around for a while,
Hoping they’ll change shape.
Hoping they’ll conform to our puzzle.
But they won’t.
We’ll eventually have to let them go.
To find the puzzle that is their home.
Sometimes pieces won’t fit at all.
No matter how much we want them to.
We’ll shove them.
We’ll bend them.
We’ll break them.
But what isn’t meant to be,
won’t be.
Those are the hardest pieces of all to accept.
The pieces of our puzzle
That just don’t belong.
But occasionally . . .
Not very often at all,
If we’re lucky,
If we pay enough attention,
We’ll find a
perfect match.
The pieces of the puzzle that slide right in
The pieces that hug the contours of our own pieces.
The pieces that lock to us.
The pieces that we lock to.
The pieces that fit so well, we can’t tell
where our piece begins
And that piece ends.
Those pieces we call
True loves.
They’re all the pieces that complete our puzzles.
They line the edges,
Frame the corners,
Fill the centers,
Those pieces are the pieces that make us who we are.
Who we were.
Who we’ll one day be.
Up until today,
When I looked at my own puzzle,
I would see a finished piece.
I had the edges lined,
The corners framed,
The center filled.
It felt like it was complete.
All the pieces were there.
I had everything I wanted.
Everything I needed.
Everything I dreamt of.
But up until today,
I realized I had collected all
but one piece.
The most vital piece.
The piece that completes the picture.
The piece that completes my whole life.
I held this girl in my arms
She wrapped her tiny fingers around mine.
It was then that I realized
She was the fusion.
The glue.
The cement that bound all my pieces together.
The piece that seals my puzzle.
The piece that completes my life.
The element that makes me who I am.
Who I was.
Who I’ll one day be.
You, baby girl.
You’re my final piece.”

Colleen HooverThis Girl: A Novel (Slammed)

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Top 10 Myths about the Human Brain

Ah haaa…. This is interesting !!

An info graphic of the Top 10 Myths about the human brain explains it all.

10 myth of human brain

Source : Lifehack

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