Hello Angels,

I am Mac and I am here to share inspirations through my Borneon eyes with you…

How often do we stumble across another person face to face, or pictures and articles across the internet that inspires us? I’m so drawn to these wonderful people who shares their valuable experience and life-hacks that inspires us to do almost anything!

It became a personal mission to me. I could do anything for hours without breaks or food when I’m inspired. It is really that addictive! 😍

It started of well, being way more than annoyed reading on ridiculous things people rant about on social medias that I would unconsciously crossed my eyes. Besides from knocking my head against the wall, next my eyeballs felt like it just popped out of it’s socket, down to wherever I am standing on.

Have you come across such person? I’m guilty myself for replying sarcastically when they do so. Sure we have our issues and all, but putting it out there for the whole world to see, really? *gasp* Heck no, Not cool. Reality check : Who cares? If some do, well maybe it is out of self pity or just because. Come tomorrow I can assure you, a smirk on their face is all you get. So little control I have back then. Little did I know how immature that actually made me look too.

I somehow still let it slack in some of my cases. Naturally sarcastic is a good thing and I would still like to keep my sarcasm in place. I have hope for mankind to change. 😁

How inspiring it could be when out of frustrating moments, we take a breather, think and do the opposite of rant and moan, channel the frustrations to strive at being inspirational to others instead. Contradict the situation in hand. It works, I promise. I’ve been there, and I’ve done that.. And my, how it helped me so much to focus on getting myself into the right productive emotions.

Everyone needs to be inspired. Nothing tops that feeling. The picture is definitely way bigger. The realisation is mind blowing; and There are thousands of different inspiring walks of life all across the earth! Don’t let it go pass you by without sharing it with others. God bless His creations!

I am not the same person anymore. I do have a soft spot for my furkids though(in case I still rant).. So, it will be a journey for me to keep on inspiring and be inspired. I can’t go without sharing them with you.. Join me here to discover more the world of inspirations!

Let’s go ~


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