The Toxic List

Scenario :
As you log in your Facebook account. There would be your news feed from your friends’ posts. As you read on the top post on the screen, you rubbed your eyes in disbelief of what he wrote; A woman can never lead, and as you read on, you’ll realise his opinion is based from one political female leader he particularly mentioned. Really? Did he just did it again?
With a deep sigh, you move on to the next person posts; there this woman go again, complaining every detail about her workplace and colleagues. Really? Again?
Next post, wait, what ?? Cesar Millan died?? You quickly log in to your twitter and head for his account. The next thing you know, Cesar tweeted, “I’m alive and well!” Feeling angry you checked back the very person who shared the hoax link. Again? Dude, do your research!

Oh my.. Gone were the days when Facebook was a genuine place for people to connect with family and friends. Gone were the days when Facebook was the medium to share happy and inspiring posts and links. It has now become a very unhealthy platform. Sadly, the list of friends you have contributed in abusing Facebook. They became toxic to you.

Deactivating the account came in mind so many many many times, but I’ve got a long list of family members in it, and I’m saving myself the hassle to explain my disappearance to them about what Facebook has become up to date. Partly about, the creepy, very creepy people adding you out from nowhere. A thing I never get to understand; or I refused to understand for that desperate need to add and even approve strangers. If the actual fact and deal is that it’s for popularity and building fans, build a fan page. Get your cause out on the fan page.

Making us missing the traditional Pen Pal back in the days. How exciting it is whenever the postman come and there, a stamp posted from the other country, a letter from Jane. Walking down the memory lane. How I love to experience the joy again.

Things have definitely change since we have the internet. We take for granted with the social media. Gone were the days when someone care to make some introduction. Courtesies and manners went missing. Thus, in my case, those hundred of request shall remain where it is. Or Should I be removing the ‘add friend’ button too now?

The bottom line is, it’s mostly about how gutted I feel for many of the people I know have turned into this attention seeker of all sort. It turned out to be a very long toxic list. I’m sure many can relate here.

You found that they are not as genuine as you may love to think they are. Some you realise how immature he or she actually is. Many would be actually so annoying to you. And that is, unhealthy to your mind and spirit.

So for now, the idea of removing these toxic list of ‘friends’ away from the news feed is perfect and very sadly to realise that in my case, few family members had to go too.

We don’t need hypocrites, whiner, ranters, self political experts, self religion experts, hoax sharer or who voices and share their obnoxious, self centred, inconsiderate, insensitive and absent minded mind, do we? No no.

It was a tough process, considering each one from my list are actual people I have crossed path my entire life and be friends with. Quite a number went “unfriend-ed” from my list without me having second thoughts. and boy..I feel like having a party. As for some, it was mostly ‘what if I bump into them again’ thoughts. So, majority went to the restricted list. Sigh.. The repeated wishful thinking as I went through the familiar and unwanted names : “Do me a favour by removing me first from your list so I won’t feel bad doing it instead, please??”

So I’m half way there. I am looking forward for my next ‘me time’ I have to get this task completely get checked on my to do list. I’m pretty sure it will be soon, I promise! My facebook news feed is now ONLY full of healthy, happy, gorgeous, cute, smart, motivating and inspiring family and friends. Ah.. Lovely..

How do you select certain friends to be in your toxic list? Do share a point or two!


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