Cody’s Story

Cody’s story is truly inspirational.

He lost his legs when he was a baby but it hasn’t keep him from chasing his dream. You will be affected by his positive spirit towards life and his strong willpower to never give up. He is a living proof of an extraordinary example for each one of us to reflect on.

It will bring back emotions and memories of our own hardship. Everyday is a second chance. Love and accept the person you are, your attitude will make all the difference. Overcome your obstacles and challenges as how Cody did, and when you dream, dream big. As big as the ocean, blue.. 🙂

Source: Igniter Media
Music: Dream Big by Ryan Shupe & the RubberBand


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2 comments on “Cody’s Story
  1. ErolExplain says:

    Very inspiring video. Very touching story. Looking forward for your next findings. Keep it up!


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Everyday is a second chance..
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