“A place for everything and everything in it’s place”

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Last week’s leftover still on the sink. Worn clothes on and under the bed. Clothes from the white hamper that was long due to be wash is piling up. Face powder and make ups all over the dressing table. Books and papers on the floor. Stained tiles on the bathroom floor. Pet’s fur all over the place.. Every corner and nook of the house is dusty. It is filthy! Both bedrooms, living area and kitchen.

A familiar sight?

That was me. I was that messy person.

I lived with my sister throughout my college years. Back and forth we would have fights over stuffs lying all over the place. She would get so upset with every single mess I left behind. Talking didn’t help both of us and it certainly didn’t get my attention. She had to leave angry letters and info-graphics notes whenever I was not home. She would channel her frustrations towards me through her letters and notes.

Living in separate states from our parents, she finally decided to raise her son back in our hometown. To be near our family. It was for my nephew’s best interest. It may sounds selfish but the news broke my heart.

Not having her around any more, I had no one to clean up after me. I begin to realise the messy lifestyle I live in. How cluttered my life was. I hated being at home.

Then it got to me. My sister have been cleaning up my mess throughout those years. It was just too much. I begin to feel terrible. I hated the idea of cleaning but I’m left with no choice. I know I have to start somewhere. Feeling lost and wishing both her and mom was around, I then remembered the letters and notes she left me. I had to look for it! I must!

It was as if I was going through hurricanes as I dig my piles of mess in search for them. It actually took me a couple of days to find it all. Pieces by pieces, letters by letters. When I finally found them, I picked a day to sit and have a quiet time on my own to read. How frustrated she was. So much emotions going on within the lines she wrote. As I continue reading, one note sized of a half cut A4 paper caught my eyes. A picture of a little blond girl with her cute curly hair, frowning, one hand on her little hip, the other hand with her little index finger pointing at me. My sister made a call out from the little girl. She says, “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”.

It was powerful. The image and the quote struck me like a light bulb. As simple as the saying goes, I felt all gung-ho and inspired by it.

Images of my tidy and comfy home began to picture in my head. How cute and comfy I can transform the entire house into!

I decided it would became a personal organizing project for me. Juggling between classes and a part time job, I had to put a dateline into this new organizing project like the assignments handed by my lecturers. Feeling confident, I was pretty sure I was able to get it done within hours. One fine Saturday morning, it begun.

I started with sorting items in each room. It was an exercise. Sweat myself by picking up and pulling collection of things lying about every nook and corner of the house. What seems to be easy to get done within hours, the night came. Where did the day went? I only had my first box of junks cleared! Oh boy, was my expectation too high! This project will take me more than a day.

It was an overwhelming process cleaning my own mess. With the clutters I kept throughout the years, it took me over a couple of weeks rearranging and organizing the entire house. How stunned I was with the result! My place looks like a home. My surroundings are polished, pleasant and easy to the eyes. Kudos to myself!

I learnt a valuable lesson out of it. I never cared to organized or to upkeep my belongings throughout the years. Thus, making the rearranging and reorganizing of the entire house to be hectic and it requires triple or more time for the organizing process.

It takes a lot of self understanding and constant practise to keep at being organized. It takes a lot of discipline and effort in keeping a tidy and clean environment.

As days and months passed by, I made a self discovery during this process too. After any stressful day, what was then the most difficult thing to do for me has became a medium to channel out my frustrations. Getting my knees on the floor and scrubbing the floor tiles with the used toothbrush was therapeutic! I felt the satisfaction. I slept like a baby!

My mornings was calm. I woke up with a fresh air. I would come home smiling. My lifestyle has quality in it. I became organized and efficient even when I am outside of the house. No longer I have to through piles and piles of collection as I would know and remember where I kept them. I feel more confident having friends and family coming over to my ‘new’ place. It felt great, I felt grateful.

I begin to learn about every tips and trick on organizing. I wasn’t alone struggling to be better at it. Thousands are sharing their endless creativity and how and inspiring they are! An organised world is truly colourful! I would jump at every chance when it is time to do my daily chores. Newly discovered tips and tricks are fun!

I feel in love with my new lifestyle that many years later, it slowly became an obsession. I couldn’t stand a filthy sight. I get disturbed when things are out of order. I couldn’t sit still when my feet begin to feel the dust on my floor. I’d get right away with it. An idea after another could make me go on for hours and hours without rest just to improve on my organizing skills.

I kept to a strict schedule and routine as I happily embraced my slight obsessive compulsive disorder. I couldn’t be more happier being inspired to live in an organized surroundings!

Life just keeps on getting better!


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