Inspiration 101


I am even feeling very inspired to pronounce it for you.. πŸ˜‰

in-spuh-rey-shuh n

Best describe as a divine influence directly and immediately exerting upon the mind and soul.

Sounds “deep” huh?
Thanks Mr D ! πŸ‘

Inspiration is such a powerful tool to have in our everyday life. It stimulates influence upon our intellectual mind and emotions. With the right intention, you would be surprise at how much a better person you can be. Imagine doing the things you thought you could never in your wildest dream to change that bulb and jump start the car , you could! (Thank mankind YouTube!)

When we lose our inspiration, nothing seems to have any meaning in our daily routines. The hustle and bustle from our everyday life feels so overwhelming that it could easily make us feel the burden we carry so heavy on our shoulders. We then tend to fall in pockets full of numb emotions.

At this point of time, the walkers in The Walking Dead would seem be having more blast than us. 😁 Just saying.. (hands in the air for the inspiring Mr Nicotero ~)

From there, our productivity would be seen static or nowhere to be seen at all. Then there goes the passion in doing what we do at the first place.

When the road seems unbelievably endless. We lose sight of that track we were suppose to be on. It doesn’t hurt to make a quick pit stop in the self analysis department. Many possible discovery could be going on in there. Some are fortunate finding the road less travelled. For the rest of us who are just about to learn stimulating our influence with our senses, may take a little longer. But as the saying goes, practise makes perfect. So don’t be harsh on yourself.

Our senses triggers us to be inspired within second! That sight of a homeless person could inspire you to do the right thing and give them a helping hand. That sound you hear when someone laugh with joy inspires you keep the world a better place. The touch you felt from your loved ones inspires you to keep them safe. The smell of wet grasses after the pouring rain inspires you heal the world. That taste from your mother’s cooking could inspire you to cook if not better than her, well at least learn to cook already! ☺️

How easy is it to be inspired by the simplest things.. As we project this wonderful emotions to the very person next to us, they will be heading home feeling very much inspired by us!

Such bliss…


Join me on my journey in discovering the world of inspirations ~ Let's Inspire and Be Inspired.

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